Make Everyday Count...Count Your Blessings...Then Count Your Account...
— Chriz Millz

Since the dawn of hip hop in New York City's notorious South Bronx, rap music has been the voice of the ghetto. Broadcasting live from the streets of inner city America, rappers serve as news reporters walking a beat while simultaneously making us move our feet to the music.

The newest street correspondent set to make his mark on the world is North Carolina rapper Chriz Millz. With a growing fan base expanding across the East Coast, he is currently celebrating the success of his latest runaway single "Some Nights" from his highly praised Check Chaser Music /Crook Land Records- released mix tape Check Chaser.

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"My music is for the average person and of course for the streets," Chriz Millz explains. "The streets is where this all came from. People in the street relate to my music first because we are familiar with the same lifestyle. But my music can relate to anyone of any culture." Born in Raleigh, NC and raised in the city's Fuquay-Varina and Holly Springs areas, Chriz spent much of his formative years in the low-income Bay Tree Apartments. "My neighborhood was fun and dangerous at the same time," recalls Chris. "All my aunts stayed in the same apartments, so I always had family to play with and be around."

After dark, however, this fun-filled child environment would turn into the most-known drug-infested section of the city. With so many residents investing in drugs as a way of escaping poverty, violence was no stranger to this neighborhood.     

"My childhood was fun in those days besides the darker side of the neighborhood," he admits.

Instead of being eaten by the drugs and violence that plagued his community, young Chriz found music as a way to channel his frustrations of coming up on the wrong side of the tracks. His stepfather introduced his to DJing at the young age of 13, and he was totally fascinated with the art of sound. Before long, his mother bought him his own pair of turntables and a mixer for Christmas, so he would stop sneaking to practice on his stepfather's equipment.     

Soon after many months of practicing, Chriz was ready to display my skills. He landed gigs DJing at house parties. Eventually, the school teachers heard about his grind and asked him to DJ school pep rallies.

"That's when I looked at the music business in a new light," says Chriz. "I was actually making money to spin music that I was a huge fan of."

His rap career started after he and his friends began freestyling to instrumental versions of the records he bought.

"The DJing side of things showed me so much as an artist," he details, "How to control the crowd, what tempos make people move, hooks and the breakdown of an actual song."

He adopted the name Chriz Millz, referring to his more than one million rap styles. 

"I told my family and childhood friends that I would one day make millions off my talents," he remembers.

Since then, he has released music from multi-platinum producer Black Jeruz and has appeared on nationally recognized Memphis rapper Project Pat's celebrated mixtapes Cheez N Dope Vol. 1 and 2.

Additionally, he dropped his debut mixtape Hard Work hosted by Durham, NC- based DJ Pillzbury in 2011. He came back in 2013 with mixtape Check Chasers hosted by DJ Micheal "5000" Watts of Swisha House Records. He won regional fame with the mixtapes' single and video "Some Nights." The mixtape boasts tracks "P.A.N. (H*e Sh*t)" featuring Project Pat and hustler's anthem track "Money Talks," featuring NC artist Stevie 1derful, and Check Chaser artist Ola Cola Da Don. With credentials such as these, even a blind man can see that Chriz Millz is well on his way to superstardom.

"My music is a soundtrack to a person's life and inspiration to keep that person going," he says. "I'm not like these fast food spots. I refuse to sell my people something I wouldn't digest myself."